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COVID-19 Relief Response 2020

A total of 6.8 million daily wage workers lost their jobs in India since April 2020, as per the recent Center for Monitoring Indian Economy Report. The nation-wide imposed lock-down as well as the lack of synergy between the workers, industry, and the government left the daily wage workers destitute and hungry, forcing them into reverse migration.

On the other side of the coin were our COVID Warriors fighting this unprecedented war putting their own safety in jeopardy. Health workers, police & security personnel put their duty before themselves and gave their blood, sweat, and tears so we could be safe indoors. We salute the spirit of these brave hearts!

As a Foundation that believes in formative action, we decided to initiate the RAAY COVID-19 Relief Project to support individuals facing the brunt of this deadly pandemic.


To join hands in the ongoing battle against the humanitarian crisis of COVID-19 pandemic, RAAY Foundation deployed food & amenities donation drive across distributed areas of the state of Maharashtra to support beneficiary group that included daily workers, Adivasi/tribals, health workers, police & security personnel. 

Areas of operation:

Dahanu, Badlapur, Bhiwandi, Filter-Pada (Powai), Kandivali

[5 areas distributed across Maharashtra in total]

Timeline & Beneficiaries:

April-May 2020

1000 Beneficiaries reached

The distribution packets included essentials as listed:

  1. Rice: 5 Kg
  2. Flour: 3 Kg
  3. Sugar: 3 Kg
  4. Salt: 1 Kg 
  5. Oil: 1 Ltr


7.Water: 1 Unit

8.Masks: 3 Units

9.Sanitizers: 1 Unit

Our relief efforts reached Policemen, Cleaners as well BEST Employees in Badlapur. Villages of Karanjveera ,Shisne, Amboli and Katkari Samaj who are arguably the poorest of the Adivasi population migrants sheltered near Charoti Naka.

Awareness Camps were conducted to educate the villagers on the norms of social distancing, sanitization and wearing masks.

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