Help The Less Fortunate

We Are Nation WIde Organization

RAAY Foundation is a testament to its commitment to bringing equality and inclusion to society. A helping hand can significantly transform a person’s life journey. Timely social intervention can offer health, education, opportunity, and more importantly dignity to an individual. This has been the cornerstone of their belief system on this heartfelt journey.

We at RAAY Foundation build stronger NGOs by providing them with financial and non-financial support to increase their societal impact. We work with the non-profits by providing the following:


Tailored Financing

We use the range of financing mechanism tailored to the needs of organizations supported to fund their growth and development.


Non-Financial Support

We provide intellectual capital like strategic planning and executive coaching to strengthen their management.


High Engagement

We create a hands-on relationship with social enterprise or nonprofit organization to help them grow


Organization capacity Building

We build the operational capacity of our portfolio organizations, by funding core operating costs as well as individual projects.


Involvement of Networks

We provide access to network so as to enable the investees to tap into a variety of skills and resources 


Multi Year Support

We support a limited number of organizations for 3 – 5 years, then exiting when organization is financially or operationally sustainable

Our Area of Work


We sponsor underprivileged students
through our education projects to provide them the platform to perform.


We grant access to healthcare

for terminal and life-threatening diseases.


We support individuals to become vocation-ready
and financially independent through our skilling and training projects.

Women Empowerment

We advocate women equality
through our support to women-centric causes.


We provide basic amenities
like food, shelter, clothing, medicines, and other survival necessities to high-risk communities.

Our Approach


Identification of  the Social Problem


Shortlisting of On-Ground Implementation Partner

Partner Selection

Partner Selection (Registration Documents)

Field Visits

Field Visits and Baseline Survey


Detailed Project Plan


Project Implementation with Impact Metric Data Mining


Impact report publication