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Our Vision

To build a society with equality, opportunity, and inclusion for all unbiased of their caste, creed, gender or, economic strata. To provide a platform for every individual to express his complete potential and attain a dignified life.

Our Mission

To transform and impact the lives of underprivileged and marginalized communities through independent on-ground interventions in education, health, skills, women empowerment and amenities through our 5-pillar approach to social development.

Core Values

Empathy, Respect, Honesty, Justice, Collaboration

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Our Story

For many years, Amit & Ruchi Patni have nurtured a desire to give back to society and make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate. With a penchant for supporting and advocating the underprivileged, Amit & Ruchi commenced a journey to find innovative social projects that they could support and take under their wing.

But philanthropy is no cakewalk and finding the right partners, as well as implementing impactful projects on the ground, is more challenging than it sounds. This led them to explore the option of establishing their own Foundation through which they could support worthy projects. With the help of philanthropy advisors, Innovaid Advisory Services the genesis of RAAY Foundation took place.

RAAY Foundation is a testament of their commitment to bring equality and inclusion in society. A helping hand can significantly transform a person’s life journey. Timely social intervention can offer health, education, opportunity, and more importantly dignity to an individual. This has been the cornerstone of their belief system on this heartfelt journey.

They insist, “The world you desire can be won, it exists, it is real, it is yours.”

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