Food Distribution Drive

An unprecedented food catastrophe is emerging as a result of conflict, economic upheavals, extreme weather, and rising fertilizer prices. Up to 828 million people in the world don’t know where they will get their next meal.

Assistance in Covid 19

The onset of 2020 thunderstruck the globe with the incoming unforeseen COVID-19 or Coronavirus and a two-year-old period for pandemic shifted the world in many

Women Empowerment

Kofi Annan once said empowering a woman means empowering a community. Gender Equality is one of the sustainable development goals that various countries aim to

RAAY Scholarship Program

Education enables a foundation step toward economic growth and human development. Any missing step on the ladder to the destination of success can be brutal

Skilled India – Way Ahead 

The Indian school system produces a higher percentage of unemployed individuals, indicating a lack of capabilities. According to a recent Ernst & Young survey, 93

Slum Children

Slums are structures formed due to overcrowding and the mass migration of people in bulk to cities, leading to the creation of shanty towns in

Women’s health in India

India is a country with a large and diverse population, and women’s health is an important issue that affects millions of women across the country.