Raay Foundation

School of Differently Abled

At RAAY Foundation, we believe that a child with disability can function, participate in society and lead a fulfilling life depending on the extent to which they are supported and included. No matter what their story is, every child should feel included and live with prosperity.

The RAAY Foundation Center for Special Needs, was established in June 2015, was a project to provide comprehensive services to underprivileged children with special needs.

In addition to providing top quality and ongoing services to children with special needs, our goal was to empower caregivers and families by assisting them in coping and becoming knowledgeable about the condition of their children. Parenting or caring for a child who has a disability requires constant encouragement and active involvement from family members.

Some of the disabilities that are included in the project are hear and visual impairment, autism and learning disability, cerebral palsy and neurodevelopment delay. We provided a number of services at our centres, some of them are listed below:

MOTHERS-TODDLERS GROUP: To provide awareness to the caregivers and integrate them into the initiation of building their children’s abilities.

EARLY INTERVENTION: To support the child in starting to function on her/his own, as per their abilities, without constant presence of caregivers.

SPECIAL EDUCATION: To ensure that children reach the optimum level of their inherent abilities and thereby achieve independence within the extent of their abilities.

REMEDIAL EDUCATION: To provide curricular education inputs to children with learning disabilities and slow learners, mild impairments etc. and thereby help them achieve academic progress.

MULTIPLE THERAPIES: To drive the children towards mainstreaming. Speech Therapy – Aids them to improve their communication skills, Physiotherapy – to improve their orientation and mobility skills to allow them to get accustomed various environments Occupational Therapy – to teach them to perform activities of daily living to ensure less dependence on those around them.

PRE-VOCATIONAL TRAINING: To make differently-abled individuals employable through development of specialized skills that are aligned to their abilities and interests. With a commitment after running this project successfully for 5 years we raised a public awareness for the rights and challenges faced by families with children with special needs, as well as pioneering advocacy efforts to change policies related to persons with disabilities. In order to ensure the optimum mental health of our beneficiaries and their caregivers, we provided behavioural counselling to them. Through our efforts, we endeavour to create a better understanding of the rights and needs of these children and adults and provide a safe space for them to grow, develop and feel inclusive.

The RAAY Foundation Centre for Special Needs, was established in June 2015, at Wadia Hospital Mumbai where the needs of every child were given priority. Further we expanded to 2nd and 3rd Centre in Parel and Kandivali that reduced the barriers for enjoyment of their basic human rights by polishing their abilities and increasing the capacity by providing comprehensive services to 400 underprivileged children with special needs in 5 years.

In 2020 due to pandemic RAAY Foundation took a responsive action to protect the children, mothers and staff and decided to temporally shut the Centre and wishes to reopen the Centre in the near future to serve the differently abled individuals.