Response to Pandemic

The world hasn’t been the same since March 2020. A total of 6.8 million daily wage workers
lost their jobs in India since April 2020, as per the recent Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Report.

A   will   to   serve

In order to help ease the pain of underserved populations of the society who were left to fend for themselves in unfortunate situations. RAAY Foundation came forward to help the helpless fight the pandemic through kit distribution containing critical items like thermal gun, oximeter, apron, masks, gloves, sanitiser in hospitals and also rendered support to the patient who allied with other medical issues like Paraplegia, Varicose Vein, Jaundice, Abnormal uterine bleeding and etc.

Extending   Care

The second wave reconnected the Samaritans, amidst the strictest lockdown people in tribal areas faced impaired food supply access. Scarcity of food was the biggest problem faced by the poor and homeless during this pandemic. RAAY Foundation extended support in collaboration with local NGOs by a campaign of Dry Ration and hygiene kit distribution to support families facing the brunt of this deadly pandemic and also enabled the community to cope with the changing situations through holistic approaches. The drive impacted migrant families, widows and elderly citizens ensuring that nutritional needs are met who were facing the onslaught of the pandemic due to loss of livelihood. Together we delivered 60 days grocery kit and a local Kadha for immunity boosting to fight the deadly virus.

Our Foot Soldiers

The COVID-19 pandemic was a time of heightened danger. During Covid, our everyday heroes demonstrated an exceptional display of solidarity. Their valuable contribution still echo in the minds as they went door to door in vulnerable communities, talking to elderly citizens, families living in slums, correcting misinformation, educating children, providing essential services to the families and personal protective equipment to keep themselves safe. They were working to ensure every commodity is available to make life easier. Few of them contracted with virus, recovered and bounced back to serve.

An opportunity to eke out better livelihood

The initiative was launched to help the daily wagers who have lost their livelihood due to the COVID – 1 9 pandemic. The nation-wide imposed lock-down as well as the lack of synergy between the workers, industry, and the government left the daily wage workers destitute and hungry, forcing them into reverse migration. RAAY Livelihood projects have been in full swing to help the people re-establish themselves and erase the barriers between the individuals and their potential to learn, improve, and bloom into who they really are so they can afford themselves the dignity and strength they need to break free of the cycle. To improve the quality of life for disadvantaged individuals through nutrition, health care, education support programmes were initiated as effective and sustainable as possible.