Our Partners


Etablished in 1986, working toward ending intergenerational trafficking into prostitution by deploying interventions and delivering services to mothers and children from the red light areas of Mumbai. RAAY Foundation is proud to join hands with PRERANA since 2017. RF as partner selected some criteria planned to rehabilitate a group of 13 vulnerable children by sponsoring for their education which plays a very important role in the socialisation process that would assist the children overcome inferiority feelings and regain self-confidence.

Kotak Education Foundation

Kotak Education Foundation (KEF) was established in 2006, with a mission to empower the underprivileged through education. They started catering children by partnering 3 vernacular medium schools and now they have reached out to 1 lakh students and are also providing vocational training courses. RAAY Foundation partnered with KEF on 2018 to support for 13 meritorious children from underprivileged families who were able to pursue CA, Engineering and technical education of their choices.


Located in Andheri Snehasadan has been RAAY Foundation partner since December 2021. The reason for Snehasadan’s existence is clearly spelt out by Father Placido Fonseca as on the streets children are exposed to every vile and filth that a city offers and they are easy victims so rehabilitation in Snehasadan includes housing, education, career counselling and finally marriage. In Partnership we support through our financial assistance for the Education of children. Senhasadan has been very keen to create impact in the life of street children.


Located in the footsteps of beautiful Bhaje Caves, SAMPARC started 35 years ago, by Mr. Amit Kumar Banerjee for the children who needed an end to end support for development. SAMPARC has been partnering with RAAY Foundation since March 2021. RF supports 20 children with scholarship 150 children with 21st Century Skill Training. RF takes proactive steps to ensure that the program is successful and that the students benefit from the program. The SAMPARC team’s enthusiastic participation extends to motivating to organize several programs. Our partner shares our vision, that every child should be given an equal opportunity to reach his/her full potential.

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Chilume Social Service Society

CSSS located in Bengaluru is an organization working towards uplifting the marginalised women, unemployed youth and economically vulnerable people since 2008. In partnership RF provided financial aid towards mobilizing underprivileged women into self-help groups (SHGs) and developing their capacities in the areas of leadership, skill development and entrepreneurship through various training and capacity building programs.

Roti Bank Mumbai

The groundwork for what RBM today was laid when a few like-minded people came together for a common cause – a cause to eradicate poverty by providing meals to the children With no formal system or infrastructure in place, all that was there was a purpose to get together as many children as they could from the nearby, and feed them. Starting with an ample of children, the food distribution soon grew into many states. RAAY Foundation has partnered with RBM to support one time meal for 150 children every month.