Raay Foundation

Advanced Education Scholarship

Investment in youth provide returns that benefit both the youth in particular and the country’s economic growth in general. There is a large number of youngsters in Mumbai city who wish to attain advanced grades by enrolling in institutions of higher learning. But they cannot afford college fees, the scholastic materials, and extra coaching. Donors tend to support primary school enrolment and school education interventions. There is a lack of donors supporting students for higher education. These students who go unsupported end up being an untapped potential and part of a productive workforce that have no option but to seek the unorganized employment sector.

With a record 44.5 million people unemployed, timely intervention in higher education and skilling will generate a workforce that incentivizes the Indian economy to accelerate its growth trajectory. With this objective in mind, RAAY Foundation acts as a champion for meritorious students to achieve their educational aspirations.

RAAY Foundation has currently partnered with two leading NGOs, Prerana and Kotak Education Foundation to identify beneficiaries for sponsorship.


Prerana works to protect the potential and actual women and child victims of human trafficking, provide comprehensive path-breaking services to uphold their rights, create dignified options for life and lead major advocacy efforts to strengthen the response of the state and the civil society to combat trafficking in a rights-based, development-oriented, and participatory approach.

Kotak Education Foundation


Kotak Education Foundation works to support children & youth from underprivileged families through different education-based interventions to rise above the poverty line & lead a life of dignity through sustainable processes.


Currently, we are supporting 18 meritorious students who are pursuing diverse courses like Mechanical Engineering, BFA, B.Com as well as MSW. If you wish to support our project, please click the donate button.