Raay Foundation

Rural Development Project

“The success of our villages will be when a better village is created,”
-Mr. Popatrao Pawar

Rural development implies both the economic betterment of people as well as greater social transformation. In order to provide holistic development of rural communities, access to amenities, infrastructure, education, health, and vocation is required. For bridging the rural-urban divide and upgrading the standard of living of people, quality interventions for WASH, electrification, road construction, housing, fuel supply, food, healthcare, and education has to be provided. RAAY Foundation is targeting to achieve these goals through its on-ground projects.

Our Initiatives:
Based on demographic profile with an objective to empower marginalised and vulnerable groups in the village RAAY Foundation marked the launch of its Rural Redevelopment Project on the 25th May 2019 by inaugurating the Community Center at Moryacha Pada in Ambarnath. Around 400 villagers benefitted from having a central place in their village for celebrations, meetings, and camps. After completion of building the community center, we also built a school shed with an area of around 250 sq.ft and took up the maintenance of the village water tank i.e. internal as well as external plastering along with waterproofing. On 7th February 2020 we inaugurated our second Community Center at Dhamanwadi Village. A total of 450 villagers received the benefit of the Community Center.

RAAY Foundation initiates the program through its research to get sensitised and understand the problems and social dynamics that exist at the grass root level and came out with a stream of activities that enables and empowers the villages through a holistic approach. At RAAY we adopted the villages followed by participatory interaction, mobilization of community, establishing linkages among line departments etc. that strengthened the process of development which provides an opportunity to the disadvantage sector for development through plethora of programmes. Our development activities includes that are culturally relevant to the population like skill upgradation, institutional building, fostering daily habits, introduce the women to new technology and financial services including micro finance.
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