Raay Foundation

RAAY Education Program

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  – Nelson Mandela  


RAAY Foundation’s intervention in Education started in 2015 with a belief that the progress of nation is only possible through the spread of education. At RAAY financial aids are designed to help students to pay for an under graduate or graduate degree. Investment in youth provides returns that benefit both the youth in particular and the country’s economic growth in general. The prime objective of this foundation is to provide scholarships to deserving and talented students who want to fulfil their dreams of pursuing higher education but due to lack of resources they have to quit their ambitions. RAAY Foundation is serving the under privileged students to make them enable for chasing their academic dreams.

Our Initiatives:

1.Scholarships: We support the students who go unsupported end up being an untapped potential and part of a productive workforce that has no option but to seek the unorganized employment sector. Our timely intervention in higher education and skilling will generate a workforce that incentivizes the Indian economy to accelerate its growth trajectory.

2.Tuition Classes: In collaboration with the local NGOs we provide tuition classes for children.

3.Life Skill Sessions: We conduct life skill sessions to improve a child’s esteem, social competence, and confidence.

Our Partners
RAAY Foundation has currently partnered with the leading NGOs, PRERANA, KEF, SAMPARC and SNEHASADAN to identify beneficiaries for scholarship from the under privileged community for whom education is dream. Currently, we are supporting 30 meritorious students who are pursuing diverse courses like Mechanical Engineering, BFA, B.Com as well as MSW.