Indian Education System is one of the famous and known education system all over the world with a curriculum built for comprehensive growth and development of students. Even though our board and curriculum are built keeping in the mind of corporate structure of our
education system it has its own challenges and issues. Over the years, most of these issues are not being resolved or improved with new solutions. All these issues need to be resolved in a quick manner and need to provide better education for the students.

1. In today’s education system the syllabus are filled with mostly theoretical knowledge which leads to lack of practical knowledge for the students. There is also no space for creative learning and thinking which leads students to be always bound to a specific syllabus
and are not really encouraged to go out and exhibit their extra talent and skills.

2. Still now there are remote villages in India, where school students use to travel few kilometers to reach their schools which makes them feel tired and couldn’t able to go to school daily. Some Students are also facing transportation problem as there is no mode of
transport to reach the school. Schools must be built in the convenient place for students.

3. The school should take some measures in up skilling them with newer methods of teaching as well as adapting them to the agile e-learning teaching. E-Learning is one of the most creative learning process where students can learn with their own comforts but this will be successful only with a combination of a good tutor.

4. Nowadays some schools are not offering good sports facilities for the students. They don’t allow students for extracurricular activities where the students could not able to showcase their hidden talents , though they exhibit their talents, some of the schools are not encouraging the students achievements . Academic subjects are given so much importance that teachers are often seen using up the periods allotted to sports and the other extra-curricular activities to finish up their own syllabus.

5. Now-a-days there is a huge rise in competitions between different schools to check which school students are getting highest marks in the board exams. Students are forced to stay in school hostels to study for long time skipping their sleep, enjoyment and spending time with family. Schools think Students will score high marks if they follow these restrictions and rules, but it creates a mental stress for students.

6. While coming to college, there are some Government colleges which is mostly filled with less quality teachers, poor infrastructure, poor education methods etc. There need to be an improvement in these areas to increase their growth in education system. In some of the
colleges there is no proper restrooms which affects students in a larger way. Girls are facing too many problems as they don’t have proper and neat washrooms.

7. Still in some of the schools across India, the teachers are demotivating students for getting low marks during their exams which leads to inferiority complex for the students. sometimes it makes students to fell into depression and take of their life. Teachersshould motivate students and make them to shine.

8. Sexual harassments for women in schools and colleges is also one of the major Issue. Still there are many schools and colleges where girls feel insecure to study and they are afraid to speak about this issue boldly. Girls are being thrown into this situation were they could not able to voice out the problem they are facing to the management or parents.

9. Teachers mostly are not aware of teaching techniques which makes students to lose interest in their studies. There should be some changes in the teaching where students get interest to attend the class properly and study with full heart. Teachers should give full freedom for students to ask doubts and clarify their issues at any time. Some schools and colleges fail to give this liberty to students.

10. Students must be aware of all the studies and branches available. Because most of the student does not have proper vision on their education system. There must be special guidelines for students after their 12th which will help students to be aware of their studies
and will help them to shine in their desired goal.

11. The other important issue with our current education system in India, is that all the students will have to study the same subjects and go through the same method of education even though many of the subjects being taught will be of no relevance for the students after few years. Of course, basic literacy is necessary, but making them to study the same subjects for 10 long years before they can actually opt for a field of study looks like an outdated

12. One of the other things that the Indian Education System lacks is market knowledge. The basic market education should be provided to students for their better understanding. At least from the secondary level it should be made mandatory for the students to have market knowledge so that they have a wider understanding of the financial functioning of the world.

– Contribution for RAAY Foundation by Srividhya Srinivasan