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RAAY Center for Special Needs

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RAAY Center for Special Needs

RAAY Foundation – Center for Special Needs (RF – CSN) was a five-year state-of-the-art program that ran successfully from 2015 to 2020 to serve children with multiple disabilities and their families from low-income groups.

RAAY Foundation – Center for Special Needs (RF – CSN) was a five-year state-of-the-art program that ran successfully from 2015 to 2020 to serve children with multiple disabilities and their families from low-income groups. RF – CSN program comprised of service components, designed by a team of experienced Special Educators and Strategists, which catered to very specific needs of the primary constituency including (but not limited to) – education, therapy, and skills development. Our approach was rights-based and we gainfully created a platform to advocate for and generate awareness regarding the journeys of disabled children and their families.

History and Experience

Our journey began with RAAY Foundation’s partnership with Muskan Foundation and Wadia Hospital to set up and run a center for children with multiple disabilities. This center delivered high-quality intervention to over 200 children in a period of 3 years (2015-2017). Located in the prestigious Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital, this center housed the latest technology and facilities required for disabled children and their caregivers. The team consisted of highly experienced and articulate special educators, therapists, and administrators. Equipped with in-depth expertise to run a disability center, at the end of 3 years, the RAAY Foundation team decided to move out of the Wadia Hospital premises and deploy this intervention on its own in a new location. This marked the establishment of RAAY Foundation Centre for Special Needs, Parel which served 100 children across special education and therapy in 2 years (2018-2020).


  • To help disabled children achieve their goals as per their abilities and thereby gain independence.
  • To create an enabling environment for caregivers of disabled children.
  • To build a platform for raising awareness and advocating for the rights of disabled children and their families.
Our Mission

Our mission was to provide top quality and continued services to disabled children and their caregivers; to empower caregivers and families by helping them cope and become informed regarding their children’s’ condition; to create awareness in general society regarding the rights of these children and the challenges faced by families with disabled children; and to pioneer advocacy efforts so as to address the policies related to disabled persons.

Our Vision

To see disabled children and adults included in mainstream society and social engagements; as an individual unit and respected for their individuality.

Primary Constituency

Children with the following disabilities will be included in the project –

  1. Visually Impaired – VI
  2. Hearing Impaired – HI.
  3. Intellectual Impairment – II
  4. Learning Disability – LD
  5. Autism (Spectrum)
  6. Deaf Blindness – DB
  7. Cerebral Palsy – CP
  8. Multiple disabilities (for example – VI+HI+II) – MD

Children from all socio-economic backgrounds and their caregivers were included under the project and received services.

Services Description

 Mothers-Toddlers Group
  • This intervention provided awareness to the caregivers and integrated them into the initiation of building their children’s abilities.
 Early Intervention
  • This intervention supported the child in starting to function on her/his own, as per their abilities, without the constant presence of caregivers.
 Special Education
  • This intervention ensured that children reached the optimum level of their inherent abilities and thereby achieve independence within the extent of their abilities.
 Remedial Education
  • This intervention provided curricular education inputs to children with learning disabilities, slow learners, children with mild impairments etc. and thereby help them achieve academic progress.
 Therapy Services
  • Based on the needs of children with specific conditions, a team of Therapists conducted an assessment; designed and delivered a therapy package.
 Pre-Vocational Training
  • This intervention made disabled individuals employable through the development of specialized skills that are aligned to their abilities and interests.
 Caregivers Support Group
  • We facilitated the formation of a Caregivers’ Collective. This Collective was led and owned by the caregivers. The Collective was decided on a plan of action for their growth and development which was deployed by them with support from RAAY Foundation.

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