Venture Philanthropy


By taking a venture philanthropy approach to our work, we build stronger NGOs by providing them with both financial and non-financial support in order to increase their societal impact. This involves a mixture of the following:

High Engagement

Hands-on relationships between the social enterprise or nonprofit management and the venture philanthropists.

Organizational Capacity-Building

Building the operational capacity of the portfolio organizations, by funding core operating costs rather than individual projects.

Multi-year Support

Supporting a limited number of organizations for 3-5 years, then exiting when organizations supported are financially or operationally sustainable.

Non-financial Support

Providing value-added services such as strategic planning to strengthen management.

Involvement of Networks

Providing access to networks so as to enable the investees to avail of various and often complementing skill-sets and resources.

Tailored Financing

Using a range of financing mechanisms tailored to needs of organization supported.

Impact Measurement

Placing emphasis on good business planning, measurable outcomes, achievement of milestones and financial accountability and transparency.

Areas We Work

Quality Education


Gender Equality & Women Empowerment

Gender Equality &
Women Empowerment

Sustainable Livelihood & Economic Growth

Sustainable Livelihood &
Economic Growth

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