Pre Vocational Training

Pre VocationalTraining

Raay Foundation designed and implemented a vocational training program for a group of 20 adolescent girls. The girls were trained in jewellery design and manufacture, designing and manufacturing utility as well as accessories made from felt (fabric) and in sales, inventory management, accounts as well as customer management. The program continued for one year and at the end of one year the girls developed into business leaders who have received training in product manufacture as well as selling. In short, the girls were equipped to set up businesses of their own or if they intend to collectivize themselves then they will form a cooperative and set up a business as a group.

Raay foundation hired a Design Consultant who owns a brand named Kurio, Who specializes in handcrafted and eco-friendly footwear and accessories. With RAAY foundation she designed a syllabus that covered design techniques as well as sessions on customer management, inventory management, sales, setting up stalls at exhibitions, managing the stalls and accounts.

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