village redevelopment program


Sr. No. Project Year(s) Partners Outcomes
1. RAAY-Muskan-Wadia Centre for Children with Multiple Disabilities and Visual Impairment 2015-18 B.J. Wadia Hospital. Muskan Foundation for people with multiple disabilities and visual impairment Over 200 children received the special education and therapy provided by our team over the span of the 3 years
2. Celebration of International Disability Day 2015 Sol’s Arc and Oriental College of Commerce and Management Over 100 children and their parents were invited and many of them were felicitated for their achievements
3. Skills Development Program for Girls in Need of Care and Protection – a one-year program that looked at providing in-depth skills right from designing all the way to selling the products that they had made 2016-17 Asha Sadan and Megha Rawat 15 girls participated in this one year long program
4. Diwali activity for children of prostituted women in Falkland Road red light area 2016 Prerana Over 100 children made more than 200 diyas in this half day event
5. Education Sponsorship - students who wish to study but did not have the financial resources to do so have been promised and provided aid for a maximum period of 5 years 2016-2023 Prerana and Kotak Education Foundation 10 students from Prerana and 8 students from KEF have been awarded this scholarship
6. SwachhAbility Run- Swachh Bharat Mission – Inclusion of Disability 2017 Major DP Singh Major DP Singh participated in the cause and created awareness around the needs of the differently abled
7. Capacity Building and Technical Support of NGOs - Focused training on organisational development and project to NGOs 2017-18 Prerana, Ruas, Urmi Foundation, Muskan Foundation, Adveka Foundation, RAAY Foundation, Connect For, Krishanraj Kapadia, Avi Yogen, Preeti Iyer Hemant T and Tamanna Shah 8 in-depth sessions were delivered to over 20 NGO leaders and senior management members
8. RAAY Foundation Center for Children with Special Needs - We set up our own center providing all services under one roof 2018 33 children are admitted to our center for special education and therapy provided by our team of 7 special educators and therapists
9. Village redevelopment program - Holistic growth of adopted villages 2019 We have adopted 2 villages in the district of Ambarnath

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