How We Work

HowWe Work

The key to a successful partnership begins with identifying the right partners.

We continuously assess the landscape of our Areas of Work, looking for the greatest needs and the best organizational partners to address them. This includes developing cross-sector partnerships. We partner with non-profits, government, corporate business, and philanthropic organizations.

We proactively reach out to potential partners whose work is synergistic with our goals and our identified path to achieve social change. We periodically put out specific requests for proposals that potential partners can respond to.

We invest in the long-term success of an organization. We execute a disciplined, rigorous investment process with each partner, aimed at building institutional strength and providing the resources needed to grow.

Every partnership aims to achieve, within a specific time frame (ranging from 3-5 years) tangible results that varies depending on the nature of the projects. Both the results and the timeframe are arrived at jointly with our partners.

Once the project supported is financially or operationally sustainable RAAY Foundation exits the Partnership.

We want our partners to be


Focus on our Areas of Work.

Services are feasible and there is scope of development and market for them.


Have aspiration to expand the reach and effect of their services.

Are ready for new opportunities.


Genuinely care for the cause Value metrics to make decisions Are ready to grow professionally and personally..

We treat our Grantees as valued partners and work with them to ensure that the best effort is made towards the success of the project. We also engage with such organisations to build their capacity and strategy if needed.

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