Advanced EducationScholarship

Investments in youth provide returns that benefit both the youth in particular and the country's economic growth in general. There are a large number of youth in Mumbai city who wish to attain advanced grades by enrolling in institutions of higher learning. But they cannot afford college fees, the scholastic materials and extra coaching. Donors tend to support primary school enrolment and school education interventions. There is really no one supporting a student who completes 10th standard and wants to study further. These students who go unsupported end up being an untapped potential and part of a productive workforce that have no option but to seek the unorganized employment sector. These students if supported would have made huge contributions towards furthering the economic growth of our country thereby increasing our GDP over time. RAAY Foundation supports such students who have the potential to excel in advanced studies. By partnering with NGOs that work with youth, RAAY Foundation has sponsored the education of these youth and thereby stepped towards creating a long-term impact on the lives of the youth and on the economic growth of the country.

We currently support 18 students for their higher education in different fields. Their interests vary from commercial Arts to Engineering, Chartered Accounting to Film making. Each student is unique and determined to achieve their dreams.

Our NGO partners in this programme are Prerana-Anti Trafficking and Kotak Education Foundation.

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