about us

About Us

Who We Are?

As a part of a group of organisations and institutions founded by Mr Amit Patni, we aspire to facilitate a equitable and sustainable society.

We aim to do this by providing grants and other non-financial support to organisations whose work has significant potential to contribute to social change in a synergic manner.

We are Venture Philanthropists and believe that investments are about partnership. We walk step by step with organizations to develop leaders and realize potential at all levels. We’re a passionate group of doers and thinkers, who build effectively, train continually, collaborate relentlessly, and measure meticulously.

Our grants support efforts and innovations that create tangible and sustainable improvements in the lives of disadvantaged, under served and marginalized sections of people and pay special attention to those who are likely to be excluded from the development process.


Our Vision

Leaders in social development are supported to reach their full potential.

India is home to many social workers, NGO founders, social entrepreneurs and innovators, all working with passion for a significant social impact. We at Raay Foundation envision an ideal world where these change-makers are empowered and armed with the right skills and investments for a just, equitable and sustainable society.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to identify and support sustainable and scalable innovations, helping them enhance their impact and reach.

We partner with innovators and support their growth through an injection of both business acumen and investment. Our partner’s dreams are our dreams and by working together we make a more significant difference on the ground.

Our Story

For many years, Amit & Ruchi Patni have nurtured a desire to give back to society and make a difference to those who are less fortunate. With a penchant for supporting children and a particular heartfelt interest in the area of disability and vocational training, Amit & Ruchi commenced a journey to find innovative projects that they could support and take under their wing.

Philanthropy is no easy task and finding the right organization, as well as meaningful and impactful projects, is more difficult than it sounds. Having met with many leading NGOs and organizations that support "giving", Amit & Ruchi endeavoured to help few fledgling NGOs take flight. They encountered many challenges and road blocks along the way.

This led them to explore the option of establishing their own Foundation through which they could support worthy projects. With the help of philanthropy advisors, Innovaid Advisory Services the genesis of Raay foundation took place. Raay Foundation has structured a venture philanthropy focus so as to serve the underserved and help social innovators as well as leading NGOs achieve intelligent sustainability.

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