About Us

What We Do?

We aim to identify and take on prevalent problems in the social sector and create holistic solutions for them. Our goal is to create skilled teams to tackle the problems at hand.

The team works under the guidance of the core team of RAAY Foundation to start with and then goes on to become a self-sustaining unit. Our goal is to create such teams for each problem identified by us to ensure that we create an equitable and sustainable society.

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Our Projects

Amit and Ruchi Patni set up Raay Foundation with an intention to partner with organizations that display innovativeness and leadership and are willing to work together towards creating far reaching and significant impact.

Completed Projects

Pre Vocational Training

Raay Foundation designed and implemented a vocational training program for a group of 20 adolescent girls. The girls were trained in jewellery design and manufacture,

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Existing Projects

Advanced Education Scholarship

Investments in youth provide returns that benefit both the youth in particular and the country's economic growth in general.

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Upcoming Projects

Village Redevelopment Program

Our goal is to identify villages that are extremely backward in terms of the resources available to them and provide them with basic amenities.

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Our Partners

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